Everyday Basics With A Style Edge From Stoned Immaculate

Photographed by Kristin Gallegos and staring Kate Parfet, this collection from Stoned Immaculate Clothing serves up all the casual styles that we absolutely love for an everyday wardrobe. Whether it be graphic tees, basic jeans, or trendy denim rompers, these pieces are easily styled to suit a variety of style preferences. Only requirement? You must love everyday styles. Because no, these styles aren’t necessarily full of wild detail or an avant garde aesthetic. Instead, they strike the balance between detailing that gives the pieces something extra special, and everyday looks that keep the aesthetic casual, and most importantly, wearable. Add in that ‘70s vintage flair that Stoned Immaculate is so well known for, with expert styling by Elliott Hans, and we’re certain that ladies across the globe will be begging to get their hands on these trendy pieces.


BrandsCarrie Medinafall 2018