Selkie Channels a Modern Day Tea Party In This Collection

If there’s one thing in fashion we love more than anything else, it’s a highly styled lookbook. Almost resembling a magazine editorial, this collection from Selkie does just that. Combining pretty pink shades, with romantic detailing, and hints of edgy design elements, this collection serves up an aesthetic all its own. For example, we’ve got pink mini skirts with ruffles, but we’ve also got sexy garters, baseball caps, sweatshirt dresses. and Victorian style neck-pieces. Basically, imagine a quintessential tea party, filled with the feminine elements that we would expect, but also those little hints of more modern, bold details that give this “tea party” its edge. We’ve even got cute, cozy sleepwear throw into the mix, along with easy-to-wear loungewear and oversized tees. If you’re looking for styles that you can wear on your next girl’s weekend, we’ve got a feeling that this collection from Selkie collection is going to hit the nail on the head for you.