Miaou Combines Athleisure and Feminine Style For An Aesthetic All Its Own

Are you ready to discover a brand that knows how to bring the cool factor to their designs? If you’re nodding your head, it’s about time you got familiar with Miaou. Known for serving up cool, easy-to-wear pieces that are equal parts sexy and casual, this brand is all about athleisure, with a slight touch of classic femininity. For example, in this Spring/Summer ‘19 collection, you’ll find all the pieces you might expect of a typical athleisure inspired collection: pullovers, biker shorts, basic tees, crop tops, and track pants. However, you’ll also find more feminine style pieces and details sprinkled in throughout, like polka dots, stylish blouses, figure flattering dresses, and ruched skirts. Mix those two aesthetics together, and then combine them with all the interesting and unique details found throughout this collection, like tie dye print, neon green, bold stripes, and a statement making print that resembles advertisements, and Miaou has managed to create an aesthetic all its own. Trust us, once you see this collection for yourself, we have no doubts that you’ll see exactly what we’re raving about. See it to believe it.