Add Style To Your Footwear Collection With Unique Designs From Yuul Yie

If you’re on the hunt for statement making shoes in your life, you’re about to hit the jackpot with Yuul Yie. Based out of Korea, this footwear brand is bold and trendy, but it also bring in elements of classic shoe styles, with a bit of vintage flair. In particular, we’re really seeing that aesthetic come across in their latest collection, titled, “Oasis.” In this collection, we have wearable styles that range from easy-to-wear flats, to trendy slingbacks in a variety of colors that are perfect for spring, like hot pink, fresh green, and creamy white. However, what really stands out about this collection is the unique heels that are shown. Rather than just the standard block heel or stiletto, Yuul Yie serves up heels that are constructed with unique materials and shapes. For example, you’ll find heels done with circular pearls, gold metallic bubble heels, and even some eye-popping sequins have been added in to really bring the style edge. In addition, we appreciate their use of different materials used throughout. We’ve got clear plastic, velvet ribbons, leather, metallic finishes, and the always-popular trendy bows. So, whether you’re looking for something bold and dramatic, or you’re simply looking for a neutral heel that will add an automatic style edge to any outfit, we’ve got no doubts that Yuul Yie is going to blow you away with their stunning footwear.