Lenni Brings The ’80s Flair In This Playful Collection

Shot by Brett Rutkowski, and modelled by Alex Ford and Neve Fogg, this Lenni collection brings us all our favorite ‘80s style trends, but with modern twists. Inspired by ‘80s music, and in particular hardcore female rockers, this collection keeps things edgy, but it also brings in playful elements to keep the collection from getting too serious. For example, we’ve got bold cheetah print slip dresses, easy-to-wear shirt dresses, chic blazers, high-waisted shorts, and even some casual button-up blouses. Clearly there’s a mix going on here of casual everyday wear, mixed with sexy elements, mixed with more chic styles. Together, this combination gives the “Press Play” collection an aesthetic all its own. Most prominently, you’ll likely take note of all the cheetah print being used throughout, which we love both for its fun flair, but also for its little slice of edginess. Not to mention, with styling by Lisa Stricker and makeup by Maddi Morrell, this lookbook comes together perfectly for the ultimate homage to the ‘80s band girl.

BrandsCarrie Medinalenni, 80s