Monosuit Brings Futuristic Design To The Industry With Their Latest Collection

Artistic, avant garde, and totally eye-popping, Monosuit is not your basic collection. Based in New York, the brand’s intent with their pieces is to provide contemporary modular design that is unlike anything else. In fact, the monosuit design has been internationally patented, giving it a whole new level of innovation and luxury. Take, for example, their latest collection. Exploring the ideas of flight and flying, the inspiration behind this collection comes from two sources: skydiving and the “flight” that is often mentioned in sacred religious texts. Monosuit marries these two concepts by designing garments that resemble skydiving jumpsuits, but you’ll also find that they reference the monk aesthetic. While this might seem like an odd pairing, or something that you might not automatically think of as “fashionable,” that’s the whole purpose behind what Monosuit does. They’re attempting to bring more innovative and avant garde style to the market, while keeping their artistic integrity. Always pushing boundaries to show off their futuristic concepts, we can’t wait for you to discover the brilliance behind Monosuit.

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