Kantini at Bikini Berlin

Publicized as Europe’s first Design Food Court, Kantini offers hungry shoppers at Bikini Berlin a range of 10 international cuisines, cooked inside modular kitchens, ranging from currywurst to Hawaiian poke bowls. As consumers demand more out of the mall experience, brands need to evolve every aspect of their offering to create a well thought out environment that people are excited to spend time in. At Katini you can taste of the kind of aesthetically astute dining space that would typically be reserved for the restaurant experience.

Designed by Studio Aisslinger, Kantini is inspired by the bright pastel colours of 20th-century artist David Hockney, juxtaposing clean, modern lines with an abundance of indoor foliage. The Instagram-worthy space incorporates 13 bespoke food stalls, designed as modular units, allowing them to be adapted to the tenant’s evolving needs. While creating dining spaces specifically for Instagram can be problematic, Kantini demonstrates that if approached in an intelligent way, without forgoing the quality of the food, it can help to augment the overall experience.