Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Dawn Bey

Most well-known for her love of volume, bold color, and exciting prints, if you haven’t had the chance to check out Dawn Bey, now is the time. Designing specifically for the on-the-go woman, Dawn Bey’s looks are daring and stand out. They’re certainly not the kinds of designs you go for if you’re hoping to blend into the crowd. Just take a look at some of her recent designs, for example. With metallics, neon, iridescent fabrics, and tie-dye all making their way into the lineup, it’s clear that these are pieces that are meant to make a statement. However, despite this preference for the wild and bold, there’s still a hint of elegance to the pieces. In fact, the aesthetic of the brand has said to be a mixture of both street style and elegant evening wear. Quite the combination, right? Well, with things like books, traveling, art, and dancing all inspiring the designer, it’s really no wonder that she’s able to come up with such bold and experimental designs. See some of Dawn Bey’s voluminous silhouettes, signature prints, and bold colors for yourself, and there’s no doubt you’ll quickly be able to appreciate this designer’s unique aesthetic.