Soft, Flowing Romanticism Shines Bright At Forte Forte

Shot by Koto Bolofo, this Forte Forte collection embodies all things dreamy, romantic, and artistic. It’s a collection that highlights the female form in the most elegant of ways, making use of soft fabrics, draping, and a stunning color palette of peach, lavender, vanilla, rose gold, sapphire blue, and fuschia. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? We think so, but just wait until you see the photos for yourself. Really playing up on the fluidity of the fabric, each piece within this collection drapes and falls organically. There’s no tight or constricting pieces in sight. Instead, this collection is all about femininity and harmony. Even the way the lookbook itself is shot supports this vision. The models are all posed in dancer-like positions, never looking directly at the camera, and always in motion. Again, highlighting that fluidity and dreamy-ethereal quality. Pair all of that with the voluminous silhouettes, the shimmering metallics, and the bold pops of colors, and this is one of those collection that you can’t help but marvel at. Discover the latest from Forte Forte for yourself, and it won’t take you long to discover exactly what we’re raving about.