The Perfect Combo of Vintage and Modern In This Collection From Moussy

For the best in denim and trendy styles, Moussy never fails to deliver, and once you see this latest collection, we just know you’re going to agree. Whether it be trench coats done in denim, plaid midi skirts, leather jackets, belts bags, oversized sweaters, or trendy pleated pants, Moussy perfectly combines a vintage feel with more trendy and modern style details. In other words, with the plaid and pleated pants, you certainly get the feeling that Moussy is all about that sort of “grandpa-chic” sort of vibe; however, the collection is far from outdated or yawn-worthy. They incorporate plenty of trends that are majorly in right now, like buckets hats, cheetah print, belt bags, and no shortage of midi skirts, which continue to pop up as the weather warms. It’s this combination of vintage flair with trend-setting modern edge that separates Moussy from the crowd. It’s what gives them that style edge that everyone wants to incorporate into their own wardrobe. Don’t believe us? See the latest lookbook, and you’ll quickly grasp what all the fuss is about.