Redefine Jewelry Expectations With Gaviria Jewelry

Inspired by contemporary art and culture, take the time to check out this latest lookbook from Gaviria Jewellery, because if you like show-stopping pieces that redefine your typical jewelry expectations, this is the brand for you. Particularly with this “Wonderland” collection, we’ve fallen in love with all the use of metal, set against a whimsical backdrop. It’s this juxtaposition of the tough metal surrounding pretty pinks and romantic florals that really gives this lookbook its edge. Having said that, though, the pieces themselves manage to stand out just fine on their own. There are oversized disk shaped rings, double hoop earrings, dainty drop earrings for some feminine flair, and even a flash of neon yellow for that extra boost of fresh spring style. And really, once you learn more about Gaviria Jewelry, this desire to push boundaries and experiment with different materials probably won’t surprise you too much. In fact, they’re known for it. Pair that with handcrafted designs, all made in Spain, and this is a brand that we just know women from all over will be able to get behind.