Sexy, Modern, and Chic, Understated Leather Takes Good Style To A New Level

Photographed by Pierre Toussaint and modelled by Anna Herrin, “The Classics” collection by Understated Leather will have you dreaming of adding to your wardrobe. Composed of classic black leather and gorgeous tan leather, all the looks within this collection are wearable, but also ultra-chic without being stuffy or pretentious. Instead, you can simply throw on your leather jacket, and hit the town feeling like a modern, cool, sexy woman. In particular, with this collection, we’ve got mini dresses with stud details, cropped jackets with fur lining, sexy shorts, handbags, mini skirts with edgy zippers, and our personal favorite, a black leather jacket that has been bedazzled all over with silver stars. In addition, you’ll also likely take notice of the fact that all the pieces within this collection are ultra-sexy and form fitting. For example, there’s a mini romper done fully in leather with a plunging neckline. In addition, when it comes to any of the dresses done in leather, they are undoubtedly full of sex appeal in all the best possible ways. If you’re ready for some chic, sexy leather in your life, get familiar with Understated Leather for a major boost in style inspiration.