A Style Combo Like No Other From Ellery Pre-Fall Collection

For a collection that knows how to bring together two very different aesthetics, we’re excited for you to see the latest from Ellery. Inspired by Amish conservatism and the “free-love” spirit of the ‘70s, this lineup is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen in fashion. On the conservative side, it brings us high-neck silhouettes, tailored trousers, boxy blazers, collared blouses, plenty of suiting, masculine coats, and no shortage of basic black. However, on the other hand, we’re also presented with psychedelic prints, wide-legged pants, bold pops of tangerine and yellow, florals, bra-tops, and all the playful details to help liven up the more “traditional” looks. Stylist, Sarah Starkey, expertly combines each of these aesthetics within the various looks, so that no matter what look you’re viewing, both elements are present to help really spice up the aesthetic. Take, for example, a black top and midi skirt. With a crop top silhouette and puff sleeves, this combination certainly has that ‘70s “free love” spirit, but with the fully black color palette, square toe boots, and button front, there’s still a sense of conservatism pulsing through the piece. Even the hair and makeup done by Gillian and Pete Lennon perfectly exemplify this combination of conservatism mixed with a more playful nature. And so, if this little style combo has piqued your interest, we highly recommend checking out Kym Ellery’s photos. You won’t be disappointed.