Think Outside The Box With This Bold Collection From Death By Dolls

If you’re all about collections that color outside the lines, you’re going to love the newly launched brand, Death By Dolls. Founded by Sara Al-Saud, the creator takes her inspiration from her unconventional upbringing. Raised by her eccentric grandmother who always adorned herself in the most statement-making styles, Sara grew up surrounded by European culture, dramatic ‘80s fashion, and an appreciation for standing out and being different. Sara took this passion and created Death by Dolls with her sister, and once you see this lineup for yourself, we think you’ll easily be able to detect this preference for unconventionality and unapologetic self-expression. For instance, in this Spring/Summer lineup, we find plenty of electric neons, tie-dye thigh-high boots, hoodies adorned in crystals, silver reflective pants, and rainbow bra tops. Without even looking at the pieces, just based on this list alone, it’s clear that these pieces aren’t exactly your typical everyday styles that you might see while out-and-about. But hey, if you’re the kind of lady who doesn’t mind catching attention, and who wants to embrace her individuality, we say familiarize yourself with Death by Dolls. When it comes to bold self-expression, this brand knows what’s up.

BrandsCarrie Medina